Se-Ma-No Electric Cooperative | 65704, 65717

Se-Ma-No Electric Cooperative

Phone: (417) 924-3243


Headquarters: 601 US-60 Bus, Mansfield, MO 65704

Available Efficiency Programs:
Electric Water Heater Rebate

$50.00 – The rebate will only apply for the replacement on an existing unit for a new higher efficiency unit.  The efficiency of the replacement unit must be rated at least .90.

Room Air Conditioning Rebate

$50.00 – The rebate will apply for the purchase of a new Energy Star unit or the replacement of an existing unit with a new Energy Star unit.

Dual Fuel Heat Pump Rebate

$150.00 per Ton – The rebate will only apply for the replacement of Electric Resistance Heat, new construction or replacement of existing dual-fuel heat pump.  The dual fuel SEER rating for 2014 is 16.5 with Specs on the “A” coil.  Supplemental heat for dual-fuel heat pump must be natural gas, propane or fuel oil and be controlled by an automatic thermostat.  Wood burning system are not eligible as back-up heating.  For more information and application, call Kevin Findley at 417-924-3291 or email

Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate

$150.00 per ton for replacement; new $750.00 per ton – The rebate will only apply on new construction, replacement of electric resistance heat, replacement of existing dual-fuel or ground-source heat pump and replacement of existing natural gas or propane heating system.  Manual J calculation of 70 degree design temperature on the heating side.  The electric backup heat must be separated from the ground-source unit with a separate breaker and must be wired to only act as second-stage supplemental heat on a two-stage thermostat or as emergency heat.  A minimum of R-38 is present in the attic and a minimum of R-13 in the walls.  For the replacement of indoor ground-source heat pump unit only (does not include loop system), a $150.00 per ton rebate will apply.  If compressor unit is replaced, it must be a gain of 3 EER rating points.  Rebates are limited to 50 tons commercial and 10 tons residential per facility.  For more information, call Kevin Findley at 417-924-3291 or email

To qualify for the rebate, the appliance must be in Se-Ma-No Electric service territory and verified that the unit replaced meets the criteria for this program. The structure in which the customer resides must be a permanent structure on a foundation on land owned by the member.