The New Way for Missourians to Create, Refinance, Certify, and Sell High-Performing Homes.

Renew Missouri Homes, powered by Pearl, exists to help homeowners create more comfortable, healthy, and sustainable homes while supporting the professionals who build, upgrade, value, and sell those homes.

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What is Renew Missouri Homes?

A Statewide Program for Improving Missouri Homes.

Renew Missouri Homes, powered by Pearl Certification, connects homeowners with our vetted professionals to help design and achieve home performance goals which increase your home’s comfortability and value. By offering both the official state certification and the nationally-recognized Pearl certificate, Renew Missouri Homes is driving demand for these high-performing homes and changing the real estate market for good.

Renew Missouri Homes is a public-private partnership program between Renew Missouri, a local nonprofit, and Pearl Certification. Learn more about this new public-private partnership here.

Who is Renew Missouri Homes For?

Missouri Homeowners who…

  • Desire a more healthy, comfortable, and valuable home… but aren’t sure where to start.
  • Want to make home energy updates… but aren’t sure how to find good contractors.
  • Want to refinance or sell their high-performing home… and want the premium sale price their energy updates deserve.

Missouri Professionals who…

  • Perform Energy Efficiency Upgrades
  • Sell or Appraise Homes
  • Offer Homeowner Rebates
Check Out This Map of Certified Homes

This map showcases certified homes throughout Missouri. These high-performing homes have been certified through a partnership between Renew Missouri, a local nonprofit, and Pearl Certification, a nationally-recognized certifier of high-performing homes. Explore the map to discover certified homes in your area.

 For Homeowners

Introducing: The new Green Door homeowner portal that gives Missourians instant access to…

  • Our network of vetted contractors ready to help you make energy upgrades to your home… the right way. Just enter your zipcode inside Green Door and we’ll do the rest!
  • Trained real estate agents who understand how to price and sell high-performing homes at the premium they deserve.
  • Customizable home investment plans to help you plan and track your desired energy upgrades and regular maintenance tasks.
  • A secure portal to store documentation about each home upgrade or certification to ensure your home improvements result in higher value when you refinance or sell.
  • A home scoring dashboard to visualize the comfortability of your home. Get enough points, earn a home certificate that shows your neighbors that you have a high-performing home!

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What Homeowners Are Saying…

From the outside, you can’t tell that our house is net zero and that it has a superior level of air quality. Our Pearl Certification allows us to capture and communicate this value when we need to.

Pearl Platinum Certified Homeowner

Now I have a certificate to show how efficient my house is. This is something I’ll definitely bring up with my realtor if I decide to sell my home.

Pearl Silver Certified Homeowner

I am a

By Joining the Renew Missouri Homes Network…

  • You can provide third-party certifications of your work and leverage national brands like ENERGY STAR® to separate you from the competition and close more sales.
  • You become associated with each home upgrade for the life of that home property, increasing the likelihood of repeat or new business even if the home is sold.
  • You benefit from done-for-you marketing campaigns that drive demand for high-performing homes and the contractors that support them.
  • You connect with a real estate network trained to market and value the high performing features you install, so your homeowners can sell or refinance for more.

What Contractors Are Saying…

BDR clients continually strive to exceed industry standards in customer service and installation quality. Pearl Certification fits perfectly with our core values, allowing contractors to offer a third-party verification that truly communicates the value of their high-quality installations to homeowners.

Bruce Wiseman, President
Business Development Resources

Pearl translates quality work and value-added services into tangible value for homeowners. I encourage contractors to learn more about how Pearl can help them stand out from the crowd.

Barton James, President and CEO
Air Conditioning Contractors of America

We have seen a tremendous uptick in interest from homeowners when our sales team talks about Pearl Certification. Being a part of the Pearl Network has increased both the number and strength of closures. When customers close a deal with us, they are confident they are getting what they want because of the Pearl Certification.

Sumit Bhatnagar, Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Pearl Certification gives us the confidence the make the statement with more assurance that the homeowner will have an easier time selling their house, that they will likely sell the house more rapidly, and that they will be on the market for less days.

Logan Landry
Sigora Solar

We are excited to be associated with Pearl Certification because it sets us apart from other solar installers—it puts us in an entirely different class, actually. Pearl Certification is the frosting on the cake for our customers and it gives our sales team the extra ammunition it needs.

Ed Murray, President
Aztec Solar