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Three Rivers Electric Cooperative


Phone: (573) 644-9000

Headquarters: 1324 E Main St, Linn, MO 65051

Available Efficiency Programs:
Ground Source Heat Pump

$750 per ton or replacement of existing unit for $150 per ton. The residential rebate for the installation of a GSHP is $750 per ton of unit installed (maximum of 10 tons).  A cooperative representative will size your new or existing home at no charge or the installed size must be approved by the Cooperative. The GSHP must be sized with an 80 degree temperature difference (70 to -10) and the unit must have a minimum EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of 19.1.  There must be a minimum of R-38 insulation in the ceiling and R-13 in the walls.

For members who upgrade a current GSHP system with a newer one, there is a rebate of $150 per ton. In order to qualify, there must be a gain of at least 3 in the Energy Efficiency Rating with the minium EER of the new unit being the same as above. For additional information, click here.

Air Source Heat Pump

$150 per ton – Air Source Heat Pump must be Energy Star rated with a SEER of 16.5 or higher and have natural gas or propane backup. The backup system must switch over at 25 degrees.

For the rebate application and more details, click here.

Water Heater

$50 – Energy Efficient Electric Water Heater $50 for installation in new home or replacement of electric water heater. The new water heater must be 90% efficient or better (energy factor of .90 or above). Heat pump water heaters qualify as of July 1, 2015. Tankless water heaters do not qualify for a rebate.

For the rebate application, click here.