Sac Osage Electric Cooperative | 64738, 64756, 64790, 65603

Sac Osage Electric Cooperative


Phone: 800-876-2701

Headquarters: El Dorado Springs

Counties Serviced: Cedar, Dade, St. Clair, Vernon

Towns Serviced: Bearcreek, Bona, Cedar Springs, Dederick, El Dorado Springs, Filley, Harper, Iconium, Jericho Springs, Monegaw Springs, Tiffin, Umber View Heights, Walker

Zip Codes Serviced: 64738, 64756, 64790, 65603

Available Efficiency Programs:
Heat Pump Rebate Program

Available to registered Sac Osage Electric members for:

  1. New construction – homes and buildings
  2. Replacement of electric resistance heat
  3. Replacement of an existing dual-fuel or ground-source heat pump
  4. Replacement of existing natural gas or propane heating system

More information can be found here.

Energy Star Rated Room Air Conditioner Rebate

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Must be a member of the cooperative
  2. Cooperative must verify an ENERGY STAR rated room air conditioning unit is purchased
  3. The rebate will apply for the purchase of one new ENERGY STAR rated unit or for the replacement of an existing unit
  4. Rebates are available for existing and new homes

For other requirements and more information, see the page linked here.

Home Energy Audit

Sac Osage Electric offers home energy audits to help its customers maximize their efficient energy usage. Please see the page linked here for more details.

For more information, please visit: