Lewis County Rural Electric Cooperative | 63453, 63474, 63445, 63466

Lewis County Rural Electric Cooperative

Website: https://www.lewiscountyrec.org/

Phone: (573) 215-4000

Headquarters: 18256 MO-16, Lewistown, MO 63452

Available Efficiency Programs:
Energy Star Electric Water Heaters

Members are now eligible to receive a $250 credit on their electric bill for each new .90 efficiency rating or greater, 40 gallons or larger electric water heater. Lewis County REC will rebate up to two (2) water heaters per structure. Electric Hot Water Heater Rebate Requirements: Must be Energy Star rated. Must be installed where electricity is supplied by Lewis County REC. The member must fill out a rebate application form, provide a copy of the receipt for the water heater purchase, and sign a load control agreement provided by the Cooperative to receive the rebate. Tankless water heaters and Hybrid Heat Pump water heaters are NOT eligible for rebates. More information here.

Electric Vehicle Rebates

Members are now eligible to receive electric and hybrid vehicle and home charging station rebates. To apply for these rebates or learn more download the EV Rebate Form here and here.