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Farmers’ Electric Cooperative


Phone: (660) 646-4281

Headquarters: 201 US-36 BUS, Chillicothe, MO 64601

Available Efficiency Programs:

Residential Programs:

Electric Water Heater Rebate

The rebate amount is $50, and it is available for Members who replace an existing electric water heater that has an efficiency rating less than 0.9 (new water heater must have an efficiency of 0.9 or greater) or install an electric water heater that has an efficiency rating of 0.9 or greater in a new home/building.

In addition, American-made energy efficient 40- or 50-gallon electric water heaters are available for purchase from Farmers’ Electric Cooperative. You do not have to purchase a water heater from the Cooperative in order to be eligible for the rebate. Call for pricing.

Each water heater must have its own electric power source and must not be coupled to any other water heater. Farmers’ Electric Cooperative will deliver water heaters to Member/Owners for a $30 fee. The Cooperative will provide service to repair malfunctioning water heaters bought through the Cooperative for a flat fee of $40, which includes the cost of parts.

More information here.

Room Air Conditioner Rebate

The rebate amount is $50. The air conditioning unit must be Energy-Star rated.

Applicable for the purchase of one new unit or the replacement of an existing unit.

More information here.

Mini-Split System Air Source Heat Pump Rebate

The rebate amount is $150 per ton if 17 SEER rating or higher.

Systems must meet the same requirements as the current dual-fuel heat pump (DFHP) rebate program – no electric resistant heat allowed.

More information here.

Geothermal (Groundsource) Heat Pump Rebate

The rebate amount is $150 per ton. New GSHP requires the replacement of an existing GSHP to qualify.

The GSHP must have a minimum EER of 19.1. The GSHP will be installed with a Delta T of 80. A Manual J calculation will be used to support the Delta T. Attic insulation must have at least an R-45 value to receive the rebate.

More information here.

Basement / Crawl Space / Slab Insulation Rebate

The rebate amount is $500 maximum.

This rebate is available only to Cooperative Members who install a ground-source heat pump (GSHP) in either a new residence or retrofit an existing GSHP. The rebate value equals 50 percent of the cost for insulation measures up to $1000 for a maximum of $500. Installation of the insulation must comply with current ENERGY STAR® R-Value recommendations for basement/crawlspaces/slab on grade.

More information here.

Energy Star Water Pump Heater Rebate

Rebate offered of up to $500, not to exceed 50 percent of total cost: The energy efficiency rating must meet the U.S. Department of Energy standards. For new construction, the replacement of an existing electric heater that is less than 0.90 efficiency or replacement of a gas water heater. Limit two per Member address.

Rebate form here.

Air Source Heat Pump Rebate

Electric heat pump system that provides cooling and partial heating. The pumps must have a set point of 25 degrees. Rebate for the Air Source Heat Pump system will be as follows: 17 SEER and higher will be $150 per ton.

Rebate form here.

Energy Star Advanced Programmable Thermostat

The rebate offered is up to $50, and not to exceed 50 percent of the total cost. Must be an ENERGY STAR-rated thermostat. It can be used with any type of heating and cooling system. Limit of two per member address. For new construction, or the replacement of an existing non-ENERGY STAR thermostat.

Rebate form here.

Programmable Timer for Engine Block Heater Rebate

Up to $15, not to exceed 50 percent of total cost: Must use a programmable timer with an engine block heater.

Rebate form here.

 Energy Audits:

Home Energy Audits

Thorough examination of a residence that reveals where energy efficiency weaknesses exist, are offered to Farmers’ Electric Members at a discounted price. Members may also take advantage of the Cooperative’s Incentive Program, which returns up to $500 back to the Member.

Blower Door Energy Audits

A Blower Door energy audit is a complete audit of the home. A walk-through survey and the use of a blower door will locate areas in the home where there is air infiltration. A computer report is generated for the member to providing specific recommendations for improving the efficiency of the home. If weather conditions are adequate, a thermal imaging camera can be used to locate areas in the house where heat is being lost.

The energy audit is offered to Members for $125. However, half of any expenses the Member incurs completing the recommendations will be reimbursed up to a maximum refund of $500.