Consolidated Electric Cooperative | 65263, 65265, 65282

Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Inc.


Phone: (573) 581-3630 or toll-free 800-621-0091

Headquarters:  3940 E. Liberty P.O. Box 540 Mexico, Missouri 65265-0540

Available Efficiency Programs:
Home Energy Audits

As part of the ‘Take Control & Save Energy Efficiency’ program, any Consolidated Electric Cooperative member may request to have a BPI-certified auditor conduct a comprehensive audit of their home. Auditors working through the Central Missouri Community Action Agency and the Northeast Community Action Corporation will perform the audit, prepare a report of recommended improvement measures and a follow-up audit to evaluate the implemented measures.

Members will be responsible for paying a portion of the audit cost.

Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate

Members can take advantage of the current $750 per ton rebate on new ground source heat pump installations. Members may be eligible to receive a $400 per ton rebate for the replacement of an existing GSHP unit that meets specified replacement guidelines.

Find the rebate form here.

Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

Members can take advantage of the current $50 rebate on ENERGY STAR-rated window air conditioning units, with a limit of one rebate per member location and only as a replacement to an existing window air conditioning unit.

Find the rebate form here.

Electric Water Heater

Members can take advantage of the current $50 rebate on an electric water heater with a minimum 90% efficiency rating that is larger than 40 gallons with a limit of two per member location. The application must be submitted for the rebate within 90 days of purchase.

Find the rebate form here.

Business Lighting

Rebate is based upon $0.06 per kilowatt-hour saved, but cannot exceed 40% of the total capital cost of the new lighting equipment. Rebate dollars are for lighting fixtures and bulbs, not for the labor to install or the miscellaneous equipment needed for installation. Eligible new lighting equipment includes: fluorescent T-5 and T-8 lighting systems with electric ballasts, two-piece compact fluorescent bulbs and fixtures (screw-in bulbs are not eligible), light-emitting diodes (LED) bulbs and fixtures, LED exit signs, and some other technologies may qualify.

Find the rebate form here.